26 April 2008

Bush Answers - How Presidential Candidates Would Handle a Zombie Threat

I found this story about how the Candidates would handle the issue of Zombie's but, Apparently, only Bush has answered this question so far. Bush again shows leadership in an issue where there are few leaders to be found.

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(Just a bit of a comedy break guys, don't take it too seriously)

Run and Hide Obama, Run and Hide

The Washington Post reported how Obama, is opting not to engage Clinton in debates anymore, since apparently she does better in that format. I really wish I had good video editing software, I can envision the scene in Oceans 11, where once the owner of the Bellagio realizes what's going on, he says... "So I have complied with your every request that you made of me".. "Good".... "Now I have one request of you"... Run and Hide Obama, Run and Hide.

In all seriousness though, do we really want a president that's afraid to engage and forcefully put forth his vision for America? Why wouldn't he want to answer the tough questions, if he so strongly believes in his answers? This also begs other questions, like how would he push through any reforms, if he's afraid of engaging those who disagree with him once he's in the White house? Actually though, I think he just doesn't want to answer any more questions about his associates. There's also his lies about not taking money from the Oil industry and other "Mis-spoken words". The biggest problem with Obama is that the more he goes "Off Script", the more "Problems" he has with the media.

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