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04 July 2008

Operation Drill Bit Showing Success!!

I'd like to give a BIG thanks to everyone who participated in the Schnitt Show's Operation Drill Bit that we've been promoting here at No Socialism! Apparently, our efforts have not gone in vain and congress is starting to take notice.

Rep Ginny Brown-Waite, gave a speech to Congress in which she talked bout receiving Drill Bits from Constituents as their way of letting Congress know that the time has come for America to Drill and provide for it's own resources.

Again, we need to remember that's this is not just about drilling for oil, it's also about building more Nuclear Power Plants as Europe has done is is continuing to do. It's also about doing more about alternatives that we have the technology to take advantage of now, like Coal to Oil Gasification and Shale to Oil technologies. It's about ending the diversion of our food supply that's driving up our food prices. It's about ending the Stonewalling that's going on with the Democrats blocking every attempt to expand drilling and expand energy here in America.

I think we all need to go another round with these guys to let them know we're still watching them. If possible, "Adopt" a Democrat to send an extra set of Drill Bits to, perhaps I don't know, maybe someone like Congressman David Obey. Let him know that a policy of "No", just won't cut it. Let him know that Bills like "Use it or lose it" are not any kind of solution, but yet another roadblock. If you need his address, it's:

Congressman Dave Obey
First Star Plaza
401 5th Street,
Suite 406A
Wausau, Wisconsin 54403-5468

Please remember to help out by signing Newt's Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less initiative, and participate in Operation Drill Bit, to Flood Washington with Drill Bits. These initiatives will help remind Congress that they are in Washington to represent "We The People" and should follow our directives.

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