09 May 2020

Plandemic 451 | Journalist No Longer Care About Censorship

     It's been years since I posted anything here and as a matter of fact I had to reset my Blogger account to even post this.  I say this to you guys to point out how important I thought it was that I speak out here.  
     So a few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a link to Plandemic, a  video posted on Facebook and told me to watch before it got taken down.  I thought to myself, "Yeah right, they're going to take down a video, what is this China?"
     I proceeded to watch the video and thought OK, that was a lot to digest, but immediately there were some things that she said that sounded to me like crazy talk.  Either way I decided to check for myself if some of these things were true... Later.  
     Later was yesterday and when I went to look at the video again.  It was gone.  I checked YouTube and basically found the videos you see in the above picture, mostly videos panning Plantemic.  I checked Google and found a LOT of journalist talking about how Facebook, YouTube Vimeo and Twitter were all scrambling to delete Plandemic.  They then went on to talk about how everything she said was crazy talk.  

     I really wonder what Ray Bradbury, the writer of Fahrenheit 451 would think about what's going on today with the censorship we're now living with by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

     There are several things that bothered me about the Journalists response to Plandemic.  The first was the fact that they were all perfectly OK with and seemed to agree with the Censorship going on at Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter!  Journalists OK with Censorship?  Journalists AGREEING with censorship??  Truth is that removing a video from YouTube is the equivalent of a Book Burning and yet they talk about these private corporations having the right to censor what goes on.  I disagree.  If you're going to let private corporations who own a monopoly no less, decide who gets access and who doesn't at what point do you draw the line?  Can AT&T or Comcast or a regional Power Company decide that they don't like your ideas and wish to block you from disseminating your "Dangerous" ideas by cutting off your service?  This is the equivalent of Facebook cutting you off.  Can you go and make your own Facebook, YouTube or any other public utility?  

     The second problem I had with these "Journalists" is that they brushed off everything she said, not by digging into most of what she said, but by pointing out a failed research paper, because God knows that NO ONE has ever had any failures in life.  They also pointed to the fact that she was arrested and how "The case was bolstered by a Colleague admitting that he took the laptop on behalf of Mikovits".  Interesting, that the journalists wouldn't ask, "Why was the person who ACTUALLY STOLE the laptop not the one being punished?"  Interesting that the Journalist wouldn't care to question why there was a Gag order to begin with?  Interesting that the Journalist wouldn't care to find out why Mikovits was fired and what her research was at the time?  The fact that 13 researchers signed off on this study and yet somehow it took TWO YEARS later to recant?  None of that makes any sense.

     The Journalists all then go on to explain away Fauci's Profiteering on AIDS by claiming that he donated his shares of the profits.  Well isn't that nice.  Of course they didn't ask follow up questions like, "Did that reduce your taxable income with all these donations that you're giving away?" Of course not, what's the point of asking questions?  Oh right, you're a JOURNALIST and it's your job to ask questions!  They move on the the question of where Mikovits also appears to cast doubt on the official statistics regarding COVID-19 deaths, saying that doctors and hospitals have been "incentivized" to count deaths unrelated to the disease as having been caused by the coronavirus infection because of payouts from Medicare.  They claim that there is no proof of this, yet there's been several articles saying the exact opposite and agreeing with Mikovits.  Another thing that they claim is that her insistence that if someone is treated with Hydroxychloroquine a Doctor could lose their Medical license.  They go on to say that the AMA can't do this, yet doctors have been complaining that they ARE being threatened with the loss of their license if they use anything that hasn't been specifically approved by the FDA.

     Finally Mikovits points out another study that the Elite hope no one will actually read.  As far back as 2012, there have been reports that the probability of respiratory infections other than the Flu went up 5 fold in children given the flu shot, the list of OTHER infections included Coronavirus infections!  Even the British Medical Journal (The BMJ) reported the same thing earlier this year.  Yet when Mikovits points out that this could be linked to the new Flu Shot given in Italy in late 2019 and let's keep in mind that unlike the USA, Italy MANDATES flu shots, you MUST get your flu shot or be labeled a criminal!  But again, no one WANTS to ask the tough questions.  Is it possible?

     In conclusion there's lots of evidence that the government is trying to "Trump Up" the numbers on COVID-19, they've already said that "If someone dies WITH COVID-19, they're counted as dying OF COVID-19"  The truth is that just 2 years ago we had over 80,000 people die from Influenza H2N1.  There was no economic lockdown, they didn't destroy the economy in dealing with that outbreak and as deadly and devastating as C-19 has been, it's not really any more deadly than anything we've dealt with before.  Is the real agenda here profit?  Is the real agenda to get everyone to agree to get vaccinated with the new C-19 vaccine that they will SURELY come out with in the next year or two?  Considering that the Drug Industry both spends the most advertising dollars AND the most in lobbying dollars on politicians around the world, is it really so hard to believe that those dollars are investments in the control of information?  Viral vaccines are not like bacterial vaccines.  If you got a vaccine for Polio or another bacterial based disease, you probably don't ever need that again.  Virus' though, have to be boosted again and again and again.  Look at the Flu virus.  You need it EVERY year.  What if, just like Italy they're going to pass a law that says EVERYONE needs to be vaccinated from C-19 worldwide.  Wouldn't the Drug companies stand to make not Billions but Trillions of dollars?


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