18 April 2008

Can Mr. Wonderful win the Race?

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verywhere you look. ABC's Blogs about the coverage of the Debate. The Huffington Post's blogs about how unfair ABC was, the Obama supporters are in an absolute uproar. It's like a collective "How Dare They" came out of their mouths all at the same time. What Obama supporters are failing to realize is that Americans have questions.
There are many issues on which we here at NoSocialism.com can go after Obama, I've written previously about why we believe he can't win, mostly because of the fact that we believe that he does in fact have some very socialist tendency's. However, with the left trying to define the kinds of questions that are appropriate or that can be asked, I'd like to focus for a moment, not so much on the issues, but on what kinds of questions are the right questions, that we should be asking a presidential candidate. I'm going to make an analogy and I know many of you will take this the wrong way, but here we go.
If a white guy named "Mr. Wonderful" came out running for the most powerful office in the country, or even if it was just for mayor of your city, and he came up with a grand plan that would save everyone. Everyone was in complete agreement that the plan was the right plan, but they then found out the man's best friend was the GrandMaster of the KKK, who despite being a Scoutmaster and an upstanding Citizen, used to get supporters in an uproar over how "Blacks have it in for them". In addition, they found out that another friend, hated Jews and was a member of the American Nazi Party, who was trying to organize a Million White Man March. Finally, there was also a revelation that this Mr. Wonderful, that could speak circles around anyone. That seemed to have a solution for every issue, also held strategy meetings at Timothy McVeigh's home at one time, when he lived down the street from him. Would it be fair to say that this "Mr. Wonderful, would be absolutely crucified by the media in every shape and form that they could? Would comments by Mr. Wonderful that 'We can Move Beyond this" be enough to placate his critics that maybe he's not so wonderful? Would these even be fair questions if the plan he had was so absolutely brilliant?
So here we are, with Obama's claims that his 20 year relationship with his Pastor is irrelevant. Here is a man that has said things from, "White people introduced AIDS to the Black community to kill them off" to "America's Chickens are coming home to roost", over the 9/11 Incident. That 20 year relationship, isn't indicative of how he thinks? That relationship doesn't represent his views. The vast majority of people that I know, usually have the closest relationships, with people that they agree with on many, many levels. Most usually tend to distance themselves from people that have viewpoints that are very different then theirs. As for his relationship with Farrakhan, who clearly hates not only Whites but also Jews. He went to his Million Man March, his church, and Pastor Wright gave Farrakhan an Award saying he "Epitomized Greatness". To top it all off, he goes to Bill Ayers home, (formerly of the Weather Underground) where Bill proceeds to host an event for Obama when he was running for State Senator. Clearly this is more than "simply an acquaintance".
According to Obama's supporter's these kinds of questions are a waste of time. We should only be talking about the issues. If it was Mr. Wonderful, would that be the case? Or would we begin to question the man's character and the man's ability to simply "do the right thing". Character is extremely important, and how can you know a man's character, without knowing anything about the company that he keeps? Let's do some super simple math, without getting into too many details.
About 45% of voters always vote Democrat, and about 45% of voters always vote Republican. There's a swing vote, of about 10% that could go either way, and usually don't really solidify their position, until just weeks before the election. Like it or not, Obama Supporters, right now a bit less than HALF of your party is supporting Clinton, let's just say that it's 22% of all voters, Republican, Democrat and undecided. That leaves Obama supporters with 23%, McCain 45% and then there's the 10% Swingers. (Pun intended seeing as they like to jump in either bed). I know what you're thinking, you can get the 22% supporting Clinton, once she's out and, you can get the 10% swingers too, for a 55 to 45 win. Not so fast. You see, you guys might see it that way, but the rest of us don't. Again, right now, as it stands you're in the Minority, with only 23% and you can't define all the issues, we are 77%, and also have a say in what questions are asked and we believe that Character is important. We believe that it's important the we see the kinds of people that you choose to surround yourself with. We believe that it's important to not only define a plan for the country, but to also let us know what kind of person you are and can you be trusted. We are trusting the president with the most powerful position in the entire planet. If we can't ask these kinds of questions of a potential candidate, then that candidate should not be running, period.

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