04 June 2008

Obama's Electoral College Outlook

OK, so the results are in and it's an Obama win on the Democrat's side. However, let's take a look at Bush's win from the last election, you know, the one with the "Vote or Die" campaign from "P-Diddy" that was supposed to be an ASSURED WIN for the Democrats.

Yet the Democrats, despite the Media Machine's full backing barely won 19 states. So what does it look like this time around with Obama on the ticket?

First, the Democrats will lose even more states. Pennsylvania, and the Guns and Religion stuff won't play too well over there, and so they will probably go for McCain. Also Minnesota has had their fill of Democrats and have an all Republican legislature, so they're probably going back to being a Red State.

On the flip side, there's a possibility that Obama will finally pull Georgia away from Republicans and who knows, he might even be able to clinch New Mexico and maybe even Colorado. Even though he had a big win in Iowa, I think the Reverend Wright stuff permanently damaged his image there, so even though CNN and others are saying he can convert them this time around, I SERIOUSLY doubt that will happen. In addition I think he just might have enough support in Virginia to pull them over to his side this time around as well.

Here's what I've come up with:
McCain 284
Obama 253

Sorry, still a loss Barry. Maybe next time.


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