14 June 2008

Michelle Obama's Not for Profit Hospitals' "Windfall Profits"

I was browsing around the Internet when I came across this Website, ObamaTruth.org. I always felt that Obama was disingenuous, but WOW, I was completely unaware of this:
The big problem I have with this is that Obama is talking about having the Government take over the Oil business because of Price Gouging, while Oil companies are making less than an 8% markup. In the mean time, Obama's Wife's Hospital:
  1. Marks up their services to the Uninsured by over 350%
  2. Is supposed to be Non Profit, but instead earned over 100 Million Dollars!
  3. DOESN'T provide the uninsured a discount (despite windfall profits).
  4. Spends 10 Million dollars a year on collection agents, despite windfall profits and non-profit status!
  5. Former CEO walked away with 4.58 million in compensation.
  6. Did nothing when the hospital refused to give more Charity Care, in light of Windfall Profits.
  7. Michelle Obama received a MASSIVE 200K raise, to over 300K a year!
  8. Finally, Obama has accepted over 100 Thousand Dollars in Campaign contributions over the past several years.
I decided to start digging for more though, and here's what I found:
  1. Michelle Obama's raise actually propelled her salary past other VP's who had been there FAR Longer then she had.
  2. Of the 98 Million in Earmarks that Obama has spent of your tax payer dollars, 1 Million went to the Hospital for a proposed pavilion. (This is a Hospital who had over 100 Million in profits, while it's a Non Profit Hospital!)
  3. Obama's wife's hospital is also involved in a nasty lawsuit where the uninsured are claiming that they were not only incredibly overcharged for their stays there, but that they relentlessly hounded them for the money, while their supposed to be a Non Profit!
I've expressed my views on Health care, but for someone who claims to be for the Poor and the Middle class, Obama seems to have absolutely no regard for them, at least when it comes to his and his wife's profits!

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