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23 June 2012

Greece: A Precursor For Things To Come?

I'm always looking for good stories and came across this one by Rich Hoffman.  The accompanying video is a bit long... Sorry guys, not a 30 second sound bite, but well worth the view.  Is this what we have to look forward to in America?

To those who wonder why I personally spend so much time writing about the evils of socialism and the general degradation of the human race the world over, I would like to direct your attention to the clip below. The video I have in mind is at the 4 minute mark, but the whole bit by Glenn Beck on his GBTV show sums up quite wonderfully what drives me.
I remember very well when Beck over a year ago on his Fox Television show predicted much of what is now going on in Greece and Egypt. Many in the industry wanted his head for his wild speculations about socialists and Nazis in Europe working their way into American politics. The clip above shows just how real the situation is.
It is not my fault that most people cannot add up the facts of what they see. Even worse, many people have a hard time even seeing the facts for their true worth. Glenn Beck obviously does not have this handicap which is a relief. I have never had it, and have spent much of my life spotting problems well before anyone else even thought there was a problem. Make no mistake, communism is here in America. It’s in our businesses, our schools, and our government. Socialism was brought to America by naive politicians after World War II as presidents like FDR experimented with socialism and over a long period of time people gradually accepted it. But the end game is what we can see in that video. That is what tomorrow brings if it is not stopped right now. It is to avoid that future shown in the above video that I put forth so much effort, because understanding it now will alleviate a lot of violence later. There is no denying that the world is fracturing even though most people chose not to see it. For those who do refuse, or are so tainted by ignorance that they cannot see, send this story to them so they can learn, and understand what the cost of compliance is. Refusing to act when decisions are required is the same as taking aggressive action in favor of turmoil when surrendering decisions lead to the perpetuation of tyranny among free people.

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