02 April 2008

Clinton, Obama take on Big Oil

"The Democratic presidential candidates are criss-crossing Pennsylvania this week, dropping in at gas stations and truck stops to convince voters they've got the best plan to tackle soaring gas prices and Big Oil profits."So the plan again is to change the tax code so that Oil companies can't take the same tax breaks on investments that every other company in the U.S. is entitled to. Exactly HOW does this lower prices? It just goes to show that neither one of these candidates understands things like BASIC economics, how can we trust either one of them to lead the U.S. when they don't understand that increaasing taxes on the Energy industry will only lead to HIGHER prices not lower prices.The only way that we will see lower prices is if we start drilling for more of our own oil right here in the United States, and increase the numbeer of Refineries here in the U.S. That is the ONLY way that it will happen in the near term. As for the future, who knows if we'll come up with viable alternatives, but unless we increase supply the prices will only get higher.

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