19 September 2007

Why No Socialism

Hi, my name is Juan Fermin, I've been thinking about starting up a political website for quite some time but just haven't done it, mostly because of time constraints, both personally and business wise. What has really motivated me to speak out however, is all of the postering going on in the political scene, especially by the Democrat party and thier insistance that we, as Americans, can't do ANYTHING without them. We can't succeed, we can't pay our bills, we can't move forward, we can't reconcile our differences. The list just goes on and on, and I've been silent too long.
Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe I'm way off base, but I think that most Americans think the way I do, they're just not heard. I also believe that there's a lot of young people out there that have been misled and straight out lied to by the establishment, and simply don't know any better because it sounds so good. Hopefully, and with God's help, I'll be able to put together some insightfull and hard driving articles that will expose and inform. We will soon see.


  1. Juan, you are pretty well on-track, hope you start getting some action on this.
    But it's not only the Democrats, the Republicans are ditto, just somewhat different priorities. So there's nobody to vote for, and even if there were, the politicians in congress would block any progress away from socialism.
    Get involved with us at http://morality101.net/blog/
    Spend a little time there and you'll find some basics that will help us all.

  2. You're absolutely right on this, as a matter of fact one of the Stories that I was thinking about doing was on Pork Barrel Spending, which is COMPLETELY out of control. McCain, Feingold, and one other Senator, are the only guys that aren't spending any of this money.

  3. The spending that Barack Obama wants to do as President is ridiculous. And on top of that he expects to fight a war on terror without fighting. Did I mention he wants to have a nice meal with that cook in Iran and "diplomacize" with wine? It cannot be permitted to happen. REAL Americans need to stand up.


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