02 October 2008

Bailout Strikes the Heart of America with Wooden Arrows

Who the hell are we trying to bail out here? The first draft of the Bailout proposal gave 20% of the profits to ACORN!!? A group known for falsifying election registrations, where they've literally started taking the Phone book and just registering people across the board. I guess it makes sense though, since Obama has called ACORN 'family', so I guess he's just trying to take care of his family.
So now we have the new and improved Senate version that weighs in at 453 pages, we have a whole slew of new bits of pork in it, such as provisions benefiting film and television studios, litigants in the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, railroad track maintenance, wool research and
le peice de resistance, toy wooden arrow-makers.

COME ON GUYS!!!! Saving America isn't enough? Does EVERYTHING need to be politicized? This is the reason why the government MUST not get involved in this, they will only screw things up and overspend to the point to where they will destroy the Dollar and make things MUCH worse. When the Dollar goes down we all end up paying more for Oil imports and energy and end up with even higher prices, and less money to spend in the economy. This is a terrible idea and I guarantee you even more pork will be added to this thing before it even comes up for a vote in Congress.

You Want It, We've Got It

How about this congress, give us the 700 Billion, give us a 700 Billion Dollar Tax cut. Cut the Capital Gains tax in half for the next 4 years. THAT would pump REAL money back into the economy, create jobs, get people buying homes again and solve this entire Crisis. There's a reason why Buffet is going around investing in these companies, it's because he knows that the overall fundamentals of our economy are strong. One way or another we will get out of this, just like we've gotten out of every other downturn in the economy that we've been through, without government help.

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