01 October 2008

The Fix Is In For Palin

The fix is in for Palin. In an age where the media is being judged again and again on a clear bias towards the Democrats and in particular towards Obama, the mediator for Oct. 2nd's debate between Palin and Biden is none other than the author of the book, The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama By Gwen Ifill. Insane isn't it? A woman who stands to profit from promoting Obama is actually the "Unbiased Mediator" for this debate? You've got to be kidding me!
Palin had an 80 to 90% approval rating before entering the national race. Some of those numbers have dropped, due to the fact that many of her former supporters, are now (and mostly have been) Obama supporters (though they still think she's done a fantastic job as Govornor). Yet most of the media coverage on her has been excruciatingly negative. Compare that to Obama, member of a body that gets an approval rating that is less than 10%! Where are the negative news stories about Obama from the main stream press? Does Palin have Terrorist friends? Does Palin have friends like Rezko who's stolen millions in public money? Does Palin go to a church that promotes racism? No! The big story, she tried to get a Trooper fired who Tazered her 11 year old nephew. Ooohh the corruption. Please!

Is there no one else who is qualified to mediate this debate? Someone with a proven record of being unbiased. Someone without a conflict of Interest? Instead we have a woman (Ms. Ifill) who obviously loves Obama AND has a vested interest in seeing him win! Absolutly incredible, the events of this election never cease to boggle the mind.

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  1. I doubt it would be possible to have a completely unbiased moderator in any debate.


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