03 November 2008

Obama to Bankrupt the Coal Industry

Recently we heard in the news that the Glaciers in Alaska were growing for the first time in 250 years. Additionally, most of Antarctica is now known to have been cooling for the past 35 years. The news doesn't end there, for the Global Warming enthusiast, there's an entire list of 23 GlaciersSki Resorts were cheering as North America had the largest levels of snowfall since 1966! Around the world that have begun (or have been) expanding, mostly in just the last couple of years. The fact is, most are not tracked or measured so who knows how many of them are really growing. What we do know is that last winter, Let's face it folks, as we've said here before, Global Warming has officially ended.

In light of these latest developments however, what does our fearless "leader to be" think we should do? Bankrupt the Coal Industry!

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Obama's inexperience is once again shining though. Obviously, someone forgot to give him the memo that half of all electricity in the U.S. right now comes from Coal. Additionally, Americans are now breathing a sigh of relief as gas prices have plunged to nearly half the price they were just a few months ago, but of course, without coal those prices would surely skyrocket back up.
The U.S. has some of the cleanest coal operations in the world, this isn't China where they don't bother to filter out harmful particles and where they don't bother to put sulfur scrubbers into place. The United States has the cleanest heavy industries in the world and when we do things, we do them in an environmentally responsible way. Obviously, with the news reports that we've seen so far, the science on this issue is NOT settled and we can't let fear and loathing bring this country to the point of Bankruptcy that will cost massive losses of jobs over something that we don't even know if it exists.

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