05 April 2009

Sarah Palin Bikini Photos

I was reading a story from the Glenn Beck Newsletter, and I can't believe that this story is still out there, and there are still people that think there are real pictures out there of Sarah Palin in a Bikini!.

Apparently there's been over 600,000 searches over the past several months with the following being the Hottest Key words:

Hot photos, Sarah Palin Bikini Photos, Sarah Palin Nude, Sarah Palin Naked.

Honestly, this just literally blows my mind that this is what people are looking for, they're not looking for the fact that she's running one of the only states with a massive budget surplus, they're not talking about the fact that even with surpluses, she's cut over a Billion dollars out of the budget. They're not talking or looking for information on all of her great accomplishments, instead they're looking for a Flesh Piece? Well to that all I can say is maybe America got what they deserved with the current administration.

For all you doubter's here's the REAL photograph that you see above:
If you need another party to verify, check out snopes.

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