06 May 2010

Is Western Watts Research Biased?

An interesting thing happened to me today. I got a phone call from what sounded like a young college student today asking some political questions. He said he was doing some research and wanted to know where we stood in our household.
He asked if we were registered to vote and I said yes.
He then asked if we mostly leaned Republican or Democrat or Independent. I said, "Mostly Republican".
He then asked how likely we were to vote in the upcoming mid term elections, to which I responded, "Very Likely".
He then asked if we were likely to vote Democrat, Republican or Independent. I responded that I would vote Conservative. Sometimes that's Republican and sometimes that's Independent, but rarely Democrat.
At this point the phone went dead. I hit *69 to see who had called and that's how I got the Company name. So I ask. Is Western Watts Research Biased?

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