06 January 2012

Big Business Using Big Government to Bulldoze The Little Guy Out

California Truckers are taking the EPA to court over new trucking regulations.  Let's see if Occupy Wall Street picks up on this one.  As is typical of big business coziness with Federal Regulators to winnow the field for them, the ATA is fully on board, since most of their dues are paid for by the big national operators who have the most to gain from these rules.  These new rules will be devastating to most smaller operators, since they will be forced to upgrade their fleets.  Many of these smaller operators already reeling from higher fuel costs that have been difficult to pass on in this tough economy.

The EPA claims that they're trying to get the trucking industry to lower their "Carbon Footprint", even though this whole Global Warming fiasco has been shown to be little more than a MASSIVE Hoax, created to line the pockets of the very people pushing the agenda.

As the Government continues to push an agenda that benefits big business while hurting small business, it's no wonder that there are so few businesses willing to invest in this economy.  It seems more and more clear as the days go on, that unless you're somehow "connected", you Goose is cooked and others are ready and waiting to eat your lunch.

Until we the people choose to roll back the size and scope of this Government, we will see more and more examples of our businesses, our neighborhoods and our homes being sacrificed to the alter of the "Connected Partners" in Government.  Those who are "in" will always have the advantage over us, and nothing will change.  Always vote for the smallest government guy you can find when choosing elected officials and let's get rid of all these guys who think they can micromanage our lives and our businesses.  I'm an adult, I don't need "Big Brother" looking out for me.

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