13 June 2008

Global Warming .... Make that Cooling

Call me crazy, call me stupid, but this doesn't make any sense. According to the U.S Government The Climate has been on a cooling trend over the past 10 years.

The Global Warming Alarmist, are all saying that Carbon output is causing Global Warming, and yet in the past 10 years, worldwide Carbon emissions keep rising, as a matter of fact, China alone has added 2 Coal Fired Power plants every single week over the past decade, and that doesn't even include their Oil burning and Gas burning ones that they've added. As a matter of fact, they don't even apply the same stringent environmental controls to their plants that the U.S.A. uses, so their pollution output is significantly higher than the same plants built in the U.S. And yet, we still have had a global cooling trend in the past couple of years. What gives? Maybe this is the reason why the World Bank is trying to siphon off dollars meant to reduce Carbon output, because they know that it really doesn't make and difference and this is all about money.

In the mean time, food prices are still going through the roof, all around the world the poor are the hardest hit. We're doing this supposedly to reduce Carbon output because, we're told it causes Global warming? Clearly, this is not the case. Congress has done nothing but block efforts to increase Oil and Gas production and we're paying through the nose, all for what? To reduce Carbon Output to save the world? Carbon has gone up by MASSIVE amounts, and yet the planet is still cooling!

I've said it before Congress needs to show us they care, but it seems that they're too beholden to the special interest groups, like the Sierra Club and others, to look at straight up FACTS. This information comes from a the government agency that monitors the climate, not some right wing conspiracy group, so what is the problem?
We need to make it clear to congress that we mean business. They need to start Drilling, NOW. We need those Shale to Oil converters running NOW. We need the Coal to Oil Gasification NOW. And if we don't get it, they will be out of a job (right along with the rest of us, since we won't be able to afford to gas it takes to go to work).

One of the best ways to let congress know is by participating in Operation Drill Bit.


  1. http://gristmill.grist.org/story/2006/11/4/175028/329

  2. MonoApe,

    As you are likely aware many of us have trouble with NASA's data because in part it is controlled by James Hansen who is a key player in the Global Warming Alarmism, and he does not provide the source code for his calculations. It is known that he weights his measurements of the arctic because according to his theory Global Warming would be most pronounced in the Arctic; however, there is a serious problem with this in that since the late 1970s it is known that the Arctic has been in a positive phase of the Arctic Oscillation, which is related to the North Atlantic Oscillation and makes temperatures in the Arctic and Europe warmer than usual. This is a long term weather phenomenon like the PDO which also shifted to a positive in the late 1970s. Even Global Warming believers acknowledge this and recently have come out and stated the Global Warming is likely to take a break because of a shift in Ocean Oscillations.

    Even if there were not a known weather related phenomenon associated with a warming Arctic, most people would have an inherent bias against James Hansen running the data sets, because he has put himself on the line and been out spoken in his belief of AGW. If Hansen made his methodology and algorithm known, as would be the usual process of scientific review, then NASA's data sets might be more credible.

    Gristmill talks about AGW sceptics cherry picking data, but it is only Hansen that says 1998 was not the warmest year. Normally people would either throw out outlying data sets, or average them with all available data. Gristmill does not do this but cherry picks data to present Hansen's version although his data is most prone to bias.

    Also note that your data from Gristmill is old, 2006 where we have seen a drop of nearly 8/10ths of a degree in average temperature anomilies since Jan. 2007. The magnitude of this change is enough to shift the trend line to the negative. Give the continuously evolving nature of climate science, you really need to stay on top of current events least you become irrelevant in the debate.

  3. Is that the best you could do Mono?
    That DOESN'T answer the question of the Article. let me make it Crystal Clear for you.
    If during the past 10 years, China built over 1000 Carbon spewing Coal Fired Power Plants, then why didn't the temperatures go up. Instead the past decade has had a steady decline in Global Temperatures. If Carbon REALLY IS driving Global Warming, then why is there no correlation?

  4. In order to get to the bottom of it all you have to look at all those heinous greenhouse gases. The top two 'culprits' are water vapor and CO2. Really what this is about is money and has nothing to do with the environment. Carbon Trading is big in Europe and if Gore and his ilk can scare enough people, it'll be the same here.




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