09 July 2008

Those Silly Republicans - It's Gas Prices Stupid!

I just filled up the tank on my Toyota Sequoia today, and since I had let it almost get to empty, that sucker cost me $91.30 to fill up! Can you believe that. An I'm told that In California, the price is around 10% higher, so over there it would have cost me over $100.00 to 'filerup'. Thank God I'm in Florida.

So why doesn't the GOP take advantage of this? What the heck is up with those slow Republicans, can't they do a bit of Grand Standing? Put on a bit of a show and crank up the criticism of Pelosi and her insane policies? Don't they know that Americans are sick and tired of paying through the nose for Gas? Pelosi is talking about how Gas prices are higher since Bush took office, but of course, she doesn't say out 75% of that increase has come since she took over as speaker of the house. Here we are with the greatest issue that they've ever been on the right side of, and you don't see them exploiting it. Where's the Press Conferences, the Advertisements, the hoopla over the fact that the Democrats keep on putting up more and more barriers to Drilling. Where's the Energy plan that Pelosi promised us when the Democrats took over congress 2 years ago. Instead of gas prices going down, they've nearly doubled!

Sure Oil has taken a bit of a beating, but Inventories are down, and the EU might start to raise Interest rates, which will put renewed pressure on the Dollar, forcing it back down to it's pre-rally levels. That in turn will cause Oil prices to start rising again, since we import the vast majority of our oil. The only way to resolve this particular issue is to produce more of our own oil. Look at how strong the Canadian Dollar has become because of Oil. Of course, expanding drilling isn't something that is going to help the price at the pump next week, but the sooner we get started on this, the sooner we'll start to see some relief.
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Here's the kicker. As soon as the speculators see that Congress is actually doing something about Oil inventories and this artificial shortage that they've created, most will stop buying new contracts, and you'll see quite a few of hem take their profits and run. Once the Stampede heads for the exits, we could see prices at a third to half their current levels.

So what's going on? Well, I've reported to you how the Democrats in Congress were blocking all the Republicans led attempts at expanding Oil drilling. In addition, Appropriations chief, David Obey actually shut down the Appropriations process to actually come to a vote, mostly because he wanted to shield Democrats from the embarrassment of voting against Oil drilling when most Americans want Drilling to proceed. Obey actually said that he would bring the bill back up, after the Fourth of July Holiday, and include the "Use it or Lose it" legislation (which I'm opposed to) that Democrats feel will increase drilling. Well it hasn't happened. They know that the Republicans now finally have enough votes, since some Democrats are finally starting to feel the heat from voters wanting something done about ultra high gas prices. Instead of doing the right thing for the American People, they've chosen to scuttle all energy related legislation for now, so the the bill won't even come up for a vote.

The worst part about this is that the Chinese will soon be drilling off the coast of Florida, but American Companies can't do the same! This is absolute insanity, we're on the verge of a Half Trillion Dollar Giveaway, because we would rather buy our oil from outsiders than get the stuff ourselves.

Where's the outrage? Where are the press conferences? Where's the drama?

Even if you believe in the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming, (man made over natural) shifting where we buy our oil from makes absolutely no difference on the world stage on that issue.

Sure they put out nifty little videos like this one on YouTube, but they need to go a lot further:
  • Buy some Air Time.
  • Have some Republicans Chain themselves to Gas Pumps.
  • Jump out of Air Planes with "Pelosi Premium" on the Parachutes.
  • Do some outrageous things to get some attention.
The worst part about this is that the only thing Obama is saying about the high gas prices is that he had hoped that Gas prices did as quickly as the did. The fact that gas went up did bother him, the fact that it went up so fast bothered him!

Republicans have the one issue that the vast majority of Americans side with them on, and instead of exploiting it to win back the seats they've lost in congress, they're acting like the skinny little kid in the school yard cowering under the table to keep the big bully from beating him up. Grow a backbone and let's go get 'em.


  1. You crybaby. The rest of the world pays:

    Netherlands Amsterdam $6.48
    Norway Oslo $6.27
    Italy Milan $5.96
    Denmark Copenhagen $5.93
    Belgium Brussels $5.91
    Sweden Stockholm $5.80

    McCain proposed a gas tax holiday; what better way to combat a supply crisis by boosting demand. I promise that money has to come from somewhere.

  2. Yeah but the rest of the world is getting Free Health Care for those high Gas Prices. I'm still paying for my health insurance.

  3. The government should stop subsidizing gas prices and let the price settle at the significantly higher free market price. Then the riff raff will see what going Galt is all about.

  4. I guess you're talking about a foreign Government, like China or something because here in the U.S. the Oil companies pay nearly HALF of their profits in taxes and ON TOP of that, when you buy gas about 1/3rd of what you pay is Local, City, County, State and Federal taxes.

    If the government taxed Corporations at a more reasonable 25%, and dropped gas taxes to a maximum of 10%, gas prices would drop by about half.


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